Germany – General Info

Federal Republic of Germany is – after United States of America – the second most preferred immigration destination in the world. Germany, which exists in Western Europe as different kingdoms with its long and long history, has established its national unity in 1871.

Leaving behind its traumatic past, Germany has become an important global and political power in today’s world with its social diversity, job opportunities, rich cultural heritage and openness to different cultures. …>>>


Living in Germany

Living in Germany

Since many people living in Germany speak a foreign language other than German, it is very easy to get used to life in Germany. Nevertheless, they appreciate those who try to speak their mother tongue.

In addition to being disciplined and successful, Germans do not hesitate to help friendly people and someone seeking advice.

In short, there is no reason not to feel at home in Germany.


German Language


German is not only one of the basic and leading languages ​​of the European Union in recent years, but also the corporate language of many multinational companies spread around the world. In fact, learning German is one of the main reasons why many people decide to come to this land of poets and philosophers.

Goethe’s native language requires mastery, and it takes considerable time and dedication to speak German fluently and confidently. Nevertheless, knowing a sufficient language is key to proper adaptation to a new culture, both in Germany and abroad.


You have many opportunities to learn German.>>>