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On this page, we are going to check five great areas in Seoul for a fun evening out. After being encouraged by the town’s vibrant nightlife scene, we’ll take a good look at the shows of each and every for the places, their opening hours and their recommended times to get. Gangnam’s the destination to go clubbing during the night time hours – and a lot of nights are busy. Where you should get (on foot or by subway): Seoul has plenty of walking areas, unlike Hong Kong where it’s not frequently safe to walk around much after dark.

We recommend starting at PNU (comfort, prefer and Unity) Underground Park and walk over the Seoul Grand National Expressway until such time you arrive at Pilsung, https://www.meidilight.com/3-tips-for-choosing-your-next-luxury-hotel from where the train station is simple to get therefore the club called Zouk is near. Or you can visit Gangnam where in actuality the club called DandD is merely off Shin-Sung Mokbu facility on the web 2 and walk up the stairs beside it- as well as the Box at B1F, B1 3, is merely one stop on the web 2 before reaching Sinsa facility, therefore the club at Namsa Hall is simply up the street after that, at Exit A3 (Line 2 only).

And don’t overlook the many subway stops in the area. Some lines get so far as Hongdae and Dongdaemun, where you could visit the primary post office. There’s also various bus tracks running all the way through Gangnam, including number 9 (goes to the town walls, if you’d like to explore- #9B takes you back). Most likely, you may not require your car at any of these spots. Nevertheless, you might find that your accommodation does not offer a shuttle service towards the neighborhood bars, though a couple of do have free alcohol for people or cheaper beverages.

Where can I stay? I would recommend finding a hostel or cheap/budget hotel near any groups or pubs – a buddy staying near Yeouido told me personally how exactly to walk around and how to find pubs and clubs to ensure that’s what I do whilst in Seoul, I recommend the same to anyone – i acquired sick once or twice at pubs because my mind ended up being thinking “oh I need certainly to walk house. Just how safe is Seoul? It is generally regarded as being a dangerous city to be alone.

However, in the event that you intend on heading out and meeting lots of new people, then chances are you won’t have to worry about that. Just circumambulate, it’s since straightforward as that. The place where I met many wonderful individuals ended up being on Wolseong (down Biseon Street). If you should be seeking somewhere to hang down, eat supper while having a few drinks, then this is an excellent place to go.